October 28, 2019  

Early to Bed poem in- Nursery Rhyme

Early to Bed Early to BedEarly to Bed,And Early to rise,makes a man,healthy,wealthy and wise.

My parents Sent Me to the Store - Kenn Nesbitts

My parents sent me to the store  My parents sent me to the store To by a loaf of bread. I com ...View More


CHUBBY  CHEEKS Chubby  cheeks , dimple chin , Eyes so blue , Lovely too Rosy lips, teet ...View More

Butterfly ,O’ Butterfly,- Nursery Rhymes & Kids' Songs

Butterfly ,O’ Butterfly, Butterfly ,O’ Butterfly, Won’t  you  teach&nb ...View More

BAA, BAA, BLACK SHEEP - Nursery Rhymes

BAA, BAA, BLACK  SHEEP  Baa, baa, black sheep, Have  you  any wool ? Yes sir  ...View More

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