Frogs at school

Frogs at school
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Frogs at school

Frogs at school

Twenty froggies went to school,

Down beside a rushy pool;

Twenty little coats of green,

Twenty vests all white and clean.

We must be in time; said they;

First we study, then we play;

That is how we keep the rule

When we froggies go to school.

Master bullfrog, grave and stern,

Called the classes in their turn;

Taught them how to nobly strive,

Likewise how to leap and dive;

From his seat upon the log

Showed them how to say, ‘ker-chog!’

Also, how to dodge a blow

From the sticks which bad bays throw.

Twenty froggies grew up fast,

Bullfrogs they became at last;

Not one dunce among the lot,

Not one lesson they forgot.

Polished in a high degree,

As each froggie ought to be,

Now they sit on other logs,

Teaching other little frogs.


                                                                  By   George Cooper

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