Five little brothers

Five little brothers
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Five little brothers

Five little brothers

Five little brothers set out together

To journey the livelong day,

In a curious carriage all made of leather,

They hurried away, away!


One big brother and three quite small,

And one wee fellow, no size at all.


The carriage was dark and none too roomy,

And they could not move about;

The five little brothers grew very gloomy,

And the wee one began to pout,

Till the biggest one whispered, ‘What do you say?

Let’s leave the carriage and run away!’


So, out they scampered, the five together,


And off and away they sped

When somebody found the carriage of leather,

Oh, my, how she shook her head!

Twas her little boy’s shoe, as everyon knows,

And the five little brothers were five little toes.


                                                                 By Ella Wheeler Wilcox….

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